K. Kulik

“I feel so lucky to have met Kristy and have had 6 amazing sessions focused on building my business, defining steps to move forward, working through blocks, setting marketing strategy, defining ideal client and also brainstorming ways of getting a first client. I have grown so much as a result of Kristy amazing coaching skills. If you are looking for a coach I would so recommend Kristy as a coach!”

M. Schlaffer

“The sessions with Kristy gave me a lot of confidence to continue working on my business and to stand strong in front of others who don’t support my business.

She also made me feel that I already do a lot being a full-time mom, working out and working on my business which increased my confidence even more.

The coaching sessions were empowering and I recommend her to any person who might be thinking on hiring her for personal or business purposes.”

B. I. Vaduva

“Working with Kristy has had a great positive impact in my life. We worked together for a few months and we worked in different areas of my life, especially on my career. She helped me understand what was holding me back, worked on some specific limiting beliefs and also on how to overcome them. She was always very supportive and always asking questions to empower me. After our coaching sessions I would always feel empowered and stronger.

Kristy is a very good listener. She would always ask me questions about how I overcame past obstacles and bring me back to what I have told her in past sessions. I always felt understood and supported during our coaching sessions. In the last few months I felt like I grew a lot and I have learnt a lot about me. I have much more clarity in my life and the things that are important to me.

Working with Kristy had a very positive impact in many areas of my life, especially with starting my own business. I wish you the best in your journey. You will make an excellent coach and thank you for all of your support!”

N. Lee

“Coaching sessions with Kristy were great! Her guidance and knowledge have inspired me to continue with current goals and pursue dreams. I didn’t really know much about coaching prior to the sessions, however, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Kristy. I feel like my mind has opened up to new ideas along the journey. Thank you, Kristy!”

F. Murray

“Kristy is always on time and you can guarantee that she will communicate with you in a timely fashion and be there for you. Kristy has lots of experience in the business world and can guide you in gaining a clear picture of your next steps in setting up or growing your business.”