What do you mean I might succeed?

Most people don’t start because of fear of failure. Some don’t start because they fear the process... the sacrifices, new habits, having to learn new skills. But there’s a third and surprisingly common fear... the fear of success! This lessor known fears holds so many people back from achieving something amazing in their life without [...]

You just need to start – it’s that simple

Image by mskathrynne Sometimes it’s a big moment in your life that you realise that something has to change. Maybe it’s that you need to break free from your current routine. You just know something has to change! Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Where do you begin? Where you want to be? What [...]

Time to step up… and out of my comfort zone

I love my comfort zone! I love hanging out in my own little bubble. But unfortunately the quotes on Instagram are right… life does begin outside of your comfort zone! Job security, money security, routine security were always really important to me and I maintained them as my highest priority and for the year that [...]

I’m taking back control!

Last week I was working with my coach on my values and beliefs. The timing was perfect as it was the same week I was attending my final Personal Performance Diploma training day, Values and Beliefs. It was also good timing as became very relevant to my mindset. For months I had been successfully powering [...]

It’s not you, it me

I recently completed a short course on Mindfulness. I enrolled in the course last year and as much as I tried, I could never focus on reading the materials or the using what I was learning. At the time I very stressed and often felt overwhelmed. I just had so much going through my head [...]

So, what have you been up to?

It’s the classic ice breaker. A relatively safe start to a conversation. Most of the times the response is a story about a holiday or new job or something really exciting that the person cannot wait to share with you. But what about the times when we respond with “Not that much.” Is this really [...]

Did they really just say that?

We have all experienced that moment when you hope you have misunderstood someone. When you stop and question “Did they really just say that?” or “Why are they being so difficult?” Its no secret that everyone is different and will have different opinions on situations. So, it’s important to remember - different does not mean [...]